Meet our Passionate Farmers.

Jamie and Melita Jurgens are passionate farmers.

They love their soil and they love producing healthy, nutrient-rich produce with minimal impact on the environment.

Jamie and Melita are based in Bowen Queensland on the Whitsunday Coast, on a farm that’s been in the Jurgens family since 1915.

The Jurgens have been on a journey towards organic certification for the past five years.

They received Organic Certification in early 2018 and now grow wash and pack a range of Certified Organic vegetables for Australian customers.

How We Farm.

We’re passionate about creating the freshest, tastiest, nutrient-rich produce possible. Our farming philosophy is driven by the belief that a happy plant is a healthy plant.

Over the years we’ve honed our farming system to ensure it is environmentally sustainable and that our soil health is excellent.

Our Certified Organic farming system ensures the health and viability of our soil and of our crops.

Crop Rotation

We follow a  one in four-year crop rotation of symbiotic and forage crops, to replenish nutrients in the soil.


Composting allows us to improve soil structure and soil sustainability. Our compost is made on farm to produce organic carbon which is used as a food source for microbes in the soil.

Precision Farming

Precision farming allows us to minimise destruction and compaction of soil. We adopt a controlled traffic system on farm,  and we don’t drive tractors on the dedicated growing areas.


Integrated Pest Management

We use a Bugs for Bugs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system which uses ‘beneficial’ insects to control pests which are harmful to crops.

Biodegradable Plastic Film

We use biodegradable film for weed protection on our tomato crops. This film is better for the environment and reduces the amount of waste discarded each year.

Water Quality & Recycling

The Jurgens are Reef Guardian Farmers and  work hard to control the water which leaves their farm. The water is caught in silt traps before it leaves the property, reducing run-off into local water systems.

Our Organic Products


The Passionate Farmer



The Passionate Farmer


The Passionate Farmer


The Passionate Farmer


Where to find us

Find us in your favourite fruit & vegetable stores, independent grocers and supermarkets.


If you want to know more about The Passionate Farmer Certified Organic produce, send us an email info@kalfresh.com.au

If you would like to stock the Certified Organic products in your store, contact our Organic Category Manager Tracey Campbell on 07 5410 7700 to discuss your needs.